I got my first Kerry Blue terrier in 1980, and my first Bouvier des Flandres in 1992. I registered the name Yvenus for my kennel in 1995 before my first Bouvier litter was born in the spring of 1996.

I have discontinued Bouvier breeding to concentrate on breeding Kerry Blue terriers.

S Ch Yvenus Appaloosa and S Ch Yvenus Mississippi Girl.

Yvenus is a small kennel. All my dogs live inside with the family, and the pups are born and raised in our home. Presently I’ve got only two bitches, and I have one litter on average per annum. I am very concerned that my pups go to good and lasting homes with interested and committed owners.

 Most of my breedings are checked for Hip Dysplacia (HD) with good results. All my breeding stock female have had A or B-hips and a mental evaluation.

 Most of my beeding stock goes trough a mental evaluation called MH or BPH it gives a description of the dogs mental health and the results are official.

 16 of my breedings are National  or Nordic Champions and one International Champion.

If you consider getting a dog, please remember that the more information and knowledge you gather beforehand, the better you are equipped to receive the new puppy. I encourage you to read as much as possible about owning and upbringing of dogs while waiting for your new puppy to arrive. At the time the puppy finally arrives, you will stand a better chance to raise it to its full potential.

It is of course up to yourself what kind of life you choose for you and your dog. With a friendly and well-behaved dog, both you and your dog will benefit more. And nobody likes an aggressive and bad-behaved.

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