Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres has its origin in Flandres, the flat country on the Franco-Belgium border. The Bouvier is really a herding dog more than the traditional cattle dog. It herds by simply cutting off the breakaways, and then nudging and pushing them back into the herd. It will normally not use "tricks" like snatching at the heels.

World War I almost brought the Bouvier to termination when they were charged with new tasks at the war’s frontline. But those Bouviers surviving the various phases of the war, also won the hearts of the soldiers through their capability, courage and stamina. The soldiers returned with the dogs, saving some of the best dogs and thereby also the future of the Bouvier breed. The Bouvier has a well-balanced temper, and it is intelligent and smart.The coat needs trimming to attain the characteristic shape of a Bouvier.

I am also very found of Afghanhound and other breeds but that is another story.....

Lp Jatkos Zoya my first Bouvier

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